Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another End, Another Beginning

So it's been over two years now since I've had this blog. I honestly never imagined that it would last this long, even though I admit I've been rather lax with it lately. Still, I've never "successfully" kept a journal or diary, at least by my standards. Usually they deteriorate to frivolity and reach the point where even I'm too bored to continue writing in it.

By no means am I implying that this blog was anything other than frivolous. It is. But what I mean is that keeping a journal always became so pointless--for myself. I wrote in it because I felt I had to and because of that my writing lacked purpose.

To be honest, I've thought about closing shop here. I feel myself reaching that point; I've felt it for a while now. In fact, maybe I've always felt it. I wanted to blog about life, but I ended up being a lifeblogger. I wanted to offer smart social commentary, on God knows what, but that hardly happened, if at all.

Admittedly, this isn't the sort of writing I really like to do. My inspiration strikes me in the form of dialogue and images. My imagination comes to life in the form of movies, plays, novels. I like stories and I like to share them. Though I enjoy satiric comedy, I'm not witty enough to write biting remarks on politics and current events.

I'm not really sure where I'm going with this. Part of me feels like I should stop but when I think about it I realize that I don't want to. So I suppose, maybe for a little longer, I'll keep writing. As boring as it is. As mundane as my life is.

It's just difficult when you have an aversion to the things that make up your material. Or simply the fact that some of those things just aren't appropriate for the public sphere.

Ugh, I need a break. Better yet, another start.

And just as a note, Congrats Class of 2009.

Monday, June 22, 2009

College Con Artistry

We all know private schools enjoy ripping its students off, but here's a story I'd like to share...

So I recently got charged $25 for "room damage." I suppose most people wouldn't think much of it and just pay the fee, but of course that's not acceptable for me (or my roommate). I finally had time to call the housing office today and inquire about the charge, and this is basically how things went:

The secretary says, "So the $25 fee was from a furniture moving charge between you and your roommate for leaving an air conditioner in your dorm."

Without realizing, in a completely bewildered yet skeptical tone I simply reply, " ... an air conditioner??"

She immediately puts me on hold for ten to fifteen seconds.

When she returns she tells me, "Okay, the $25 has been credited to your account."

I was quite confused. That was it? No arguing? The charge was revoked just like that?

I thank her and then report what happened to my roommate.

But yeah, not a very good story but I found the incident rather intriguing. I sincerely hope this was an honest mistake and not a sad attempt to extract more money from BU students. Even so, you have to admit that it was a pretty shitty mistake to make on their part.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Few Pointers on Being a Complete Ass

You know, I thought it strange that this past year I didn't really find anything ridiculous to blog about. But maybe that was it--I was in Boston, likely one of the most liberal cities in one of the most liberal states. The only crap I had to deal with were Greenpeace treehuggers blocking my path and chasing me down the sidewalk as I'm on my way to class or back home. But in retrospect, they weren't that bad. They weren't malicious. Not like the people I forgot I had to deal with here back home on the so-called traditional Republican stronghold of Long Island.

So I was at Costco with the parents just now and there I encountered the biggest asshole I've seen in a while...

Step 1 - Drive a Hummer. (BONUS POINTS if you make it red.)

Really? You found it necessary to spend X amount of money on an obnoxiously large vehicle that does nothing but piss people off and harm the environment? I'm not telling you to get a hybrid, but come on. And nothing screams the need for attention than getting one in a cherry red color. Well, whatever you're trying to do to show off, it's not working because all I see is stupidity on your part. (Have fun fueling up this summer!)

I'm sorry. Perhaps that seems uncalled for unjustified. I'm sure not everyone who drives a ginormous [red] Hummer is completely selfish and stupid. Let's move on.

Step 2 - Drive that Hummer badly.

Shall we define "driving badly"? How about: driving with a complete disregard for the rules of the road and those around you. I was approaching a stop sign in the parking lot when suddenly he (as in that same guy) turns left from the perpendicular street and cuts into my lane. Fortunately I was going slow and letting pedestrians pass, so I had not yet reached the stop sign when he decided to haphazardly come barrelling down the road. But whatever, I thought that would be the last I saw of him.

Step 3 - Think you're better than everyone else.

There was a Hispanic family beside us as we were leaving. To get our receipts checked, they moved to one person as we moved to the other. Suddenly I here a slow, disgruntled voice say, "So that's it? You walked faster than me just so you could get ahead of me?" I turned to my side and saw a large, redneck-esque man with a disheveled gray moustache, his beady little eyes locked on the family ahead of him. The father of the family turned around with a confused look on his face and of course said, "I don't know what you're talking about," to which the other man so ingeniously responded, "Yeah, I think you do." I stood there and watched with an incredulous look on my face. Racist bastard.

Step 4 - And care only for yourself.

As I pulled out of the parking lot, I saw the same guy leave his cart behind someone else's car and climb into his--you guessed it!--big red Hummer. (It's funny when things come around full circle, no?) What a total and complete asshole.

Oh well. I trust karma to come and send a nice flying kick up his ass.

And there we go!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Prop Shop Stops

Dress the Set With Tears: It's a Wrap

Slideshow here.

Ugh, what a shame. Even Hollywood has a little guy to take the hit. Damn recession.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Until It's Gone

So I just woke up not too long ago to discover that my house was completely empty. Or I didn't really "discover" it since I knew it would be empty, but I felt that lonely feeling you get when you're surrounded by people one moment and then completely alone the next, if you know what I mean.

My brother left for California today--permanently--and I admit that I'm just realizing this now. Yesterday (my family was at a wedding reception), a relative of mine commented how I must be so sad to not see my brother after today, and in response I laughed and told her that there was a period of eight years (college and then dental school) when I rarely saw my brother anyway and that I was used to it.

Maybe it's because California isn't a simple few hours away or maybe it's because it seems like such a foreign land to me (I've never been there), but honestly, I'm already proving myself wrong right now--I'm definitely not used to it. It upsets me now to know that when he came into my room this morning to say goodbye and I half-assedly sat up and hugged him, it was the last time I would see him for a while. I didn't realize that it was different this time. It was a one-way ticket--he wasn't coming back.

Up until today I really wanted to go to Thailand this winter break, but now the other option of visiting my brother in Cali suddenly became so much more appealing. It's true what they say: You don't realize what you have until it's gone.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Hangover and More

So I had a relatively eventful weekend. I finished a week of classes (one down, eleven more to go), and on Friday I went to go see The Hangover with a group of people. It's definitely not my type of movie, but Kait wanted to see Justin Bartha (whose character is the groom that goes missing). In case you were wondering it's basically every high school/college frat boy's dream experience on the big screen. It was probably the crudest, most ridiculous, and most vulgar thing I've ever seen (especially when the credits roll), but I have to admit that the story was actually put together... quite nicely, surprisingly enough. (Don't get me wrong; it's complete nonsense. But the nonsense makes sense... if that makes sense.)

Anyway, I spent the remainder of the weekend at Robert Moses with Kait and Brit yesterday and at my good ol' local beach with Loo today. Yesterday it was kind of cool for the beach, but today it was perfect.

In other news, this morning when I was running errands with my family I lost my heart-shaped locket. (Loo gave it to me for my 16th birthday, so I was naturally very upset). I spent the entire morning looking for it, and by sheer chance, an hour or two later and after we had driven back (on a whim) to the first place we visited, my dad checked where we had parked before and found it! I was so relieved. Unfortunately, it was flattened slightly so it won't close anymore, but I was grateful that I had it and that it was still intact. I put it away in its little box for now and I'm a little upset that I can't wear it anymore, but I was thinking that maybe I could frame it or something nice like that.

It definitely sucks too since I was actually contemplating wearing a different necklace today. Oh well, I suppose that's life.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Twenty Years Later

Now that's a little sad, don't you think?

Makes me wonder if I should be proud of my heritage or detest it.

Maybe someday...